June 16 Cycle Challenge Special

Cycling Challenge

It will take place on the 16 of June at the the Orlando West Children’s Library. The Cycle challenge is R300, or R250 if you bring a book (Preferably a children’s book, But any would be much appreciated)

For those who prefer their own two feet over a bicycle, don’t worry, you can book a walking tour for R250 or R200 if you bring a book.

  • We will donate these books to the library.

There will be 3 challenges

1st. 09:00

2nd. 11:00

3rd. 14:00.

Choose a time that will suit you best.


The tour will be the actual route that the students marched on in 1976. Bring your kids along as there will be lots of activities including book reading, while you enjoy your tour challenge.


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